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We provide Research, Project Management, Training, Data Analytics, and Technology solutions to modern development challenges.

Our Mission

Provide our partners with high-quality technical support in the design, implementation, and evaluation of development programs.

what we do


I4D is an established leader in strategic planning and program design, facilitating product-oriented, iterative work sessions that maintain momentum, support staff ownership, and frontload implementation. We help clients develop principles to guide strategic choice, use predictive exercises to elaborate strategic planning scenarios, and develop evidence-based theories of change and logic models. We brainstorm with our clients and we engage stakeholders as we design evidence-based interventions. We prepare theories of change and conceptual frameworks for program activities that are evidence-based, culturally sensitive, and cost-effective.

Across disciplines and around the world, I4D helps development organizations, governments, and their beneficiaries design, monitor, and evaluate complex multi-sectoral programs. Our experts ensure that programs address accountability, measure impact, and use best practices and tools to improve program effectiveness. I4D’s common interest in shared knowledge, sustainability, and local ownership drives our focus towards achieving lasting and meaningful change. We bring to monitoring, evaluation, and learning engagements strong design and analytical capabilities, tools to gather quality data from remote regions, a commitment to local capacity building, experience managing large-scale, complex projects, and insightful visualization of data. This gives us the ability to clarify the country and sector context for the issues at hand, use data to make informed decisions, demonstrate value for client investments, and help perpetuate positive outcomes.

Whether performing an insightful, early-stage evaluation or a data-rich, long-term evaluation, I4D applies highly rigorous methodologies to help clients determine how a program measures up and find methods by which clients can improve programs. I4D provides a range of evaluation solutions that optimize design and methods based on the evaluation question that needs to be answered and within the available resource envelope. Obtaining accurate and complete information about the population we aim to serve is the foundation for designing a successful intervention. Through scientifically sound research methodologies, we collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to answer critical questions about a target population. We design and conduct community needs assessments, epidemiologic studies, literature reviews, surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. Our research furnishes our clients with useful information and guides important decision-making during the design of development solutions.

I4D provides custom, full-service consulting for qualitative and quantitative marketing research studies. This includes everything from study design and data collection, to data analysis and preparation of reports and presentations including actionable insights and recommendations. Over the years, I4D has assembled a staff of recognized qualitative moderators and quantitative researchers, and analysts who work as a team to meet with clients to define the research project and establish objectives. We recommend suitable approaches and conduct relevant research activities, analyze results, and present comprehensive findings to clients. I4D provides each client with a full-time staff, including a Research Director and a Research Analyst who together manage all of the logistics to setting up and managing the facilities to providing in-depth analysis through careful review of findings.

We specialize in the development of software solutions, requirement analysis, systems design, systems integration and management, and training. We offer next-generation business solutions. Our teams of experts give decision-makers the information they need to successfully reach their objectives and be successful. We provide clients with services in the commercial, federal, state, and local markets.

I4D offers innovative solutions for organizational excellence. We seek to enhance the impact and capacity of our client’s staff and learning communities through customized services in organizational and leadership development, facilitation, technical assistance, and evaluation. To successfully deliver trainings, I4D brings expertise in curriculum design and development, logistics for optimum delivery, and technology skills for creating online courses or blended learning.

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