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I4D organizes short and long term trainings at different levels including in-Service, pre-service, basic, and graduate levels. The trainings are centered on health and social science using nationally approved curricula in coordination with training packages. The trainings are given in collaboration with national and international training institutes.

I4D has rich experience with full capacity in carrying out multi-site parallel trainings. I4D has the capacity to mobilize resourceful in-house and external trainers to implement large scale trainings in a rapid and efficient manner meeting tight deadlines.

I4D undertakes tasks in preparing guidelines, training packages and client support tools and materials in health and health related fields. I4D has qualified full time and part time professionals to lead the designing and preparation of short term courses in health and health related fields.


I4D’s Training services promote a blended learning approach which combines in-person and online interaction to drive the highest learning impact. Blended learning approaches move beyond the traditional classroom setting and may include participatory and selfpaced modules, interactive and stand-alone courses, videos, webinars, and other distance-learning techniques. Through expanded access to ideas and information, cultivation of champions, and use of technology, I4D’s training process deepens the engagement of practitioners and clients to build enhanced learning communities.

A close partnership between I4D trainers and the client is central to the successful development and delivery of trainings and courses that are relevant, timely, and appropriate to both the client and participants’ needs. Our training team includes instructional designers, adult learning specialists, programmers, and client leads who collaborate to develop the blended learning approach. This partnership approach requires close collaboration every step of the way and shared responsibility for course development. In doing this, I4D facilitates and supports the client’s ability to develop and deliver the content they know best to the audiences they know best, and results in true ownership by the client of the final product.


In-person classroom training

  • Self-paced modules
  • Interactive and participatory courses
  • Webinars & videos
  • Facilitated learning networks
  • Other e-learning techniques