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Evaluation is a critical tool for evidence-based decision making, promoting program effectiveness, and optimizing investments. Evaluations improve the functioning of specific projects and promote larger objectives like organizational learning, performance improvement, and accountability. With near limitless options representing different points on a rigor/cost spectrum, the identification of the most appropriate design and methods is critical to the efficient use of evaluation resources.

Our Offerings:

Our Offerings:
  • Impact Evaluation

  • Performance and Process Evaluation

  • Meta Evaluation

  • Developmental Evaluation

  • Strategic Evaluation (Multi-Country, Portfolio-Level)

  • Ex-Post Evaluation

With seasoned evaluators and close relationships with leading consultants and research partners, we have the experience and capabilities to successfully deliver any evaluation in any context. We have completed numerous evaluations. We field multi-disciplinary teams and train team leaders to conduct efficient, rigorous evaluations that ensure objectivity, accuracy, and reproducibility. Our evaluations have improved the efficiency and efficacy of programs and contribute to innovative learning and testing and scaling innovative programs.