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If you don’t know where you’re going, why, and how, you probably won’t get there – I4D’s strategic planning and program design services help clients maintain clarity and focus in achieving results, even as conditions change.

  • Strategy Development (including Country Development Cooperation Strategies)

  • Needs and Context Assessment

  • Stakeholder Analysis and Coordination

  • Scenario Planning

  • Facilitation, Co-Creation, and Consensus Building

  • Results Framework and Theory of Change Development (including PMPs, MEL Plans)
  • Measurement Framework Development and Implementation

In the complex environments in which organizations operate, effective strategic planning and agile program design are essential to managing for results. Strategy identifies desired outcomes, making the best choices based on clear, defensible criteria, while planning provides orderliness and discipline to put strategy and design into action. Program design must support strategic objectives and entails tactical decisions based on evidence and lessons learned about what works – or doesn’t work when strategic planning and program design are well managed, both contribute to organizational effectiveness, staff cohesion, stakeholder buy-in, and sustainable results.

I4D is an established leader in strategic planning and program design, facilitating product-oriented, iterative work sessions that maintain momentum, support staff ownership, and frontload implementation. We help clients develop principles to guide strategic choice, use predictive exercises to elaborate strategic planning scenarios, and develop evidence-based theories of change and logic models. In addition, we lead stock-taking of progress against current strategic plans, facilitate visioning retreats, conduct supporting analyses, and support Results Framework development. Because I4D is not a direct program implementer, we can support strategic and program planning and design without risks to procurement integrity and organizational conflict of interest, further helping our clients accelerate their planning processes.